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Kebijakan Privasi

1. Principles and Objectives

www.rhstudioarsitek.com ("Website", "We") recognizes the importance of personal information and other information about users ("Customer" or "You") so that you can be confident that the Website. There is transparency and accountability in the collection. Use or disclose your information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 ("Personal Data Protection Law"), including other relevant laws. This Personal Data Protection Policy ("Policy") has therefore been created to explain to you the details of our collection. use or disclose (collectively, the "Processing")

2. Collection of Personal Information

. Personal data Refers to information about an individual from which that individual can be identified, directly or indirectly, where we collect personal information only where necessary and use it only.

personal data type details and examples
Identity - first name, last name
- sex
- age
- date of birth
- ID number
- photograph
Contact information - mailing address
- Email
- phone number (including home phone numbers or mobile number)
- Social media accounts such as Line ID (LINE ID), Facebook account, Facebook ID (Facebook ID), Google ID (Google ID).
Financial information - credit/debit card details such as full name on the card, card number, card expiration date. Name of the card provider bank
- bank account
- issuing tax invoices
Technical Data - IP Address
- MAC Address
- Record access data or track website usage behavior from Session ID
- The type and version of the web browser.

3. Sources of Personal Data

We may collect your personal information through the following channels:

3.1 Collect personal data directly from you.

- When you apply for membership By filling out various information in the form, whether in the form of documents, through websites, social media or via any channel
- when you order goods and services
- when you fill in information through the form
- When you fill in the information through the forum thread
- When you communicate, ask for information, give opinions or advice on our products and services.
- When you choose to receive news or public relations from us

3.2 Collect Personal Data Automatically
- When you visit or use a website that uses cookies (Cookies) or similar technologies to collect technical information about your usage details.
- information obtained from the use of the service and information related to the use of the service, such as information on the device accessing the service (IP Address & MAC Address).

3.3 Collect your personal data from third parties. which is collected from the aforementioned sources lawfully Or has already obtained consent from the data subject to disclose information to us, such as sending your personal data to us. for the benefit of the presentation or providing services to you and related business operations

4. Principles for collecting personal data

legal base
to collect information
for the performance of the contract Performance of the contract of sale between the personal data controller ("we") and the data subject ("you") in respect of payment of goods. Including collecting your shipping address for us to deliver the product.
Personal Data Subject Consent to collect use or disclose our personal information where consent is required By informing the purpose of collecting, using or disclosing personal data first. or while seeking consent, such as the collection of sensitive personal data that does not fall under legal exceptions Presentation and publicity of products and services service facilitation, etc.

5. Purpose of data collection

To facilitate the use of the website and the provision of services. Convenience in ordering shipping Returns and exchanges
to answer the question and provide assistance to customers Providing assistance to customers in connection with the provision of services. Updating customer information and submitting requests for exercise of rights or complaints
To develop and improve the quality and service, analyzing and developing better products or services. and suitable for the needs of customers
To provide information about products and services or marketing public relations Sending information about products and services To provide special privileges, promotions, discounts and special offers. about the products and services of the store to customers via email, SMS and postal mail (when we have received your explicit consent);
For data analysis (Data Analytics) to bring customer data to analyze the market. and market research to develop better products and services
to prevent, detect and investigate criminals Any investigations and actions to prevent offenses under relevant laws including security breaches affecting personal data subjects

We may share your non-personally identifiable information publicly or with our partners or for marketing purposes. Website Performance Analysis and operation promotion or to show trends about the general use of our products and services.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information to outsiders

We may disclose Personal Data as necessary to third parties under the consent of the subject of such Personal Data. Unless done within the framework authorized by law.

1. Transportation service provider
2. Payment service providers
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